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Toronto Carnival
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Toronto Carnival


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We collaborated with Toronto Carnival and our client Cloré Beauty, who sponsored the event this summer as well as many of the attending bands.

This campaign included the following aspects: 

- Content Creation

- Influencer Marketing

- Community Development

The Work:

The Pink Ship team created a lot of content around the time of carnival to encourage attendance, and also to inspire people with different hair and makeup looks through blog posts, newsletters and social media content. We also encouraged social media activity within Cloré's stores.

carnival cover.png

We attended band launches and carnival events alongside Cloré to create social media content and engage with the community as part of their community development strategy. They hosted a large activation of their own, which included a beauty bar that Pink Ship created further social media content for.

Cloré Community member and influencer Omega Mighty produced a song for Cloré for carnival, which we used in much of the content we created.

Pink Ship also helped members of the Cloré Community to play mas by acquiring sponsored costumes for them from the different bands that Cloré sponsored. We then created short form video content with them on the day of carnival that was used across TikTok and Instagram.

After carnival, we helped Cloré arrange for members of the Cloré Community to head to a fun fête to celebrate a successful carnival season!

The Blog Posts:

Pink Ship Blog Headers (9).png
Pink Ship Blog Headers (10).png
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