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Venom Band Launch in Toronto with Cloré Beauty

We're back at it preparing for the road with our client Cloré Beauty in Canada! This time, the Pink Ship team headed to the Venom Band Launch to hold another photobooth for the attendees and help Cloré set up their beauty bar. We had a blast checking out the costume showcase, and enjoying the music and carnival vibes.

As before, we worked with Cloré to plan our space at the event, which would include another promotional beauty bar for the attendees, goodie bag giveaways with makeup by Kiss New York, and a photobooth hosted by us with photographer, lighting and props.

We had to take into account the smaller venue size, but the booth featured the all-important tags for social media to maximise Cloré's social reach on the day and was a great success! Pink Ship took over 100 photos for the event which were uploaded to Flickr for the attendees to download, or used as content across Cloré's social media platforms and website.

Our photobooth and marketing efforts generated more than 150 followers for Cloré Beauty - another amazing result that will be valuable for the brand in the lead up to carnival season in Toronto!

Visit Cloré on Instagram here and Venom Carnival here! To enquire about our social media marketing or event services, get in touch.


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