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Success Talks

Success Talks is a platform that believes in showcasing the voices and stories of some of the top influencers across the world. By bringing a diverse variety of speakers who discuss fresh ideas and their perspective on the world, they hope to change the mindset of young professionals across the world. They have held talks from over 60 fantastic individuals and this list is constantly growing. Their audiences are forward thinking, engaged and passionate young individuals who are keen to learn and engage with these influencers.


Social Media Promotion & Event Coverage


Success Talks




The Need

Success Talks required help promoting and marketing their event #BrodInLdn featuring talks from model Broderick Hunter and Shear and Shine creators Aaron Wallace and Lina Gadi. They needed our talented events coverage team, graphics, and social media management.

The Solution

Social Media Event Coverage is Pink Ship Ltd's newest service and was only made available to clients in January 2017, it has immediately become the most popular service we offer, with it being so necessary in todays digital marketing climate (and our prices aren't bad either).

A recent campaign for Success Talks included approaching successful business men and women for short interviews on their careers and how they got to be as successful as they are today. These interviews were then converted into content for use on Success Talks' social media accounts.



We consulted the client to gather all the information needed about the event in order to create the promotional content. Then, we created all the graphics and promotional materials to fit their brief and suit their audience.


During and After:

On the day of the talks, our team was ready to go with photography and video throughout the event, as well as the live stream. Afterwards, Pink Ship edited the photos and footage to provide the client with content within 48 hours. There was lots of content ready to post and maintain momentum for 7 days after the event, keeping the conversation going. 


"Thank you to Pink Ship for all the marketing, graphics, photography and videos that contributed to the full auditorium!"

@success_talks on Instagram

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