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Welcome to my Hashtag Strategy Webinar! 


I’m so glad you’re here, as this means I will get to share with you the technique I used to grow my followers by tens of thousands in this year alone! I just remember reaching 3k in January this year and afterwards deciding to do a bet on what number I would reach by Christmas 2019 with my sister. She said 6k, I said 10k and my boyfriend said 15k. Well safe to say we were all wrong lol as it’s now at 20k and counting :)


What I realised over the year however, is that you can apply all the tips and tricks in the world, but if your content isn’t attention grabbing and is able to stand out from the crowd, you won’t see much results! You need to be completely honest with yourself and have a clear vision of what you are trying to create! Find your niche and style, and then try your hardest to create the best content within that niche. And that is when this technique will work it’s magic! 


Thank you guys for all the love and support and feel free to drop me a message if you’ve got any questions after the webinar! 

Love x

The Strategy: Webinar

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