The IG Shut Down...

So, this week Instagram and Facebook shut down for over 14 hours and that left a quarter of the world a little lost, twiddling their thumbs, not quite sure what to do with themselves; meanwhile, the majority of small business owners had pretty much no clue how to continue with their marketing strategies without the app. We're always stressing that there is much more to digital marketing than social media and that there has to be other systems in place for you to keep your business afloat, but unfortunately, it took a shut down for most people to get the reality check.

We're going to take you through some of the key takeaways for you...

Lesson 1: You can't put your eggs in one basket When creating a marketing strategy, be sure to include various platforms, not just Instagram and Facebook, while they may be the most powerful social media platforms, you can not ignore the impact and importance of having your own mailing list and constantly working to strengthen your SEO management.

Lesson 2: Do you have a real business or just a social media audience? It's very easy to get caught up obsessing about the amount of followers you have and getting excited seeing those numbers increase monthly. However, do those followers only hold value within the Instagram app? Or have you actually built a solid business in the real world that yields revenue even outside of the Instagram app? Have you mastered the art of turning followers into customers that engage with your website, your email lists, your other social media platforms and your physical store?

We hope you're taking notes...

Lesson 3: How often do you check your web traffic and what state is your website in? When was the last time you audited your website or analysed your site stats? Don't allow Instagram or Facebook to become your digital storefront, there is no longevity with a strategy like that. If you want your business to be around for the long-haul, spend more time investing in your own platforms, developing your own algorithms, and increasing your own site traffic. What value does your site offer your customers and how often do they visit? It's important to ask these questions often. Because you can't build your business on someone else's algorithm.

Lesson 4: Start Building Your Database Simply put, you need your social media audience to become part of your company database. So make it a priority to begin building your mailing list, because no brand can take that away from you. If you need support with your email marketing campaigns and strategies, get in touch with our team and we can help you work on this.

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