Women of Influence 2019

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

As a female founded digital marketing agency, we can never overlook the power and influence of a woman's determination to affect change! This year, for International Women's Day we've decided to shine light on some of the women in our industry that have influenced our industry positively over the past year. So, grab a tea and enjoy a quick read about some women you can follow and support.

Pip Jamieson

Pip is loved for her commitment to the creative industry and her innovation displayed in the creation of The Dots UK. The Dots UK is [research]. Any creative aiming to express themselves and make change in the industry will have faced much hardship when trying to get a foot in the door and that’s where Pip has made great change by rejuvenating the definition of a career network / recruitment agency and making creative jobs more readily accessible for the UKs modern millennial creative.

Nissy Tee

You may know Nissy as the wise and well articulated Congolese girl from the popular YouTube series BkChat. However we have come to know her as the motivational speaker and inspiring young woman who’s influence has positively impacted women worldwide. With style and grace she helps her audience see themselves as powerful, purposeful and capable and as result has helped many other talented creatives rise up and make their mark. We salute you Nissy for your passion and dedication to your cause!

Dior Bediako

Dior is the founder of Pepper Your Talk which is an access-all-areas platform that exists to support the career needs of fashion's next generation. Not only do we appreciate her style and warm welcoming spirit but it’s her work ethic, her ability to connect people is what makes her a woman of influence. With every event she holds, she brings together only the best and brightest people from the fashion industry to equip her subscribers. We appreciate people like Dior who work tirelessly bridging the gaps behind the scenes!

Patricia Bright

One of the UK’s biggest YouTubers and social media influencers. She is not only a woman of influence because of the followers, but because of her authenticity, passion and consistency as one of YouTube’s pioneers she has created a framework for other creatives who desire to create a 6 figure income doing what they love and enjoy. Within the past year she had worked on global campaigns, reached over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and released a book called Heart and Hustle. Patricia we appreciate the work you do to brighten up the days of your audience and to inspire others to pursue their passions.

Myleik Teele

Myleik is the founder of the worlds first monthly subscription box for black women with natural hair, Curlbox. A true pioneer who saw a gap in the beauty tech market and filled it with innovative ideas and added a new element to the fast growing natural hair movement among women of colour in the US. As she travels and tells her story and continues to build her empires she unlocks new doors for founders that come behind her.

Desthy Dee

Desthy Dee is truly a woman of influence, not because of her large following but because of how she uses her audience to affect change in the lives of others. Encouraging those who have struggles with mental health with dance, motivational speaking and fashion. We appreciate her openness and the light she sheds and look forward to her continued growth.

Chidera Eggerue

Chidera, more commonly known as The Slumflower, the founder of the #SaggyBoobsMatter movement, has been absolutely killing it is over the past year! As an advocate of body positivity she redefines self love, celebrates solitude and inspires others to enjoy their lives. She has traveled the UK sharing her story, worked on global campaigns, authored the bestseller What a Time to Be Alone which has changed lives world wide and done it all with her bold style and saggy boobs. She is a true woman of influence as she speaks and teaches provocatively, without apology and approaches the beauty industry without a toxic perspective of what beauty should be. We love Chidera!

Huda Kattan

We know this mogul as the founder and ceo of Huda Beauty. A true beauty influencer, she leads the way for social media stars who are launching their own beauty lines and positions her brand for success with genius marketing and excellence. This woman has got it going on and inspires others daily to work tirelessly toward building their empires.

Rita Balogun

Rita, the owner of Radiant Salon in London is a woman of influence, not because she has 2 successful locations salon locations with nationwide recognition, viral campaigns and excellent execution. And not because she has a budding acting career and so much creative talent. But she is a woman of influence because of how she uses her platform to build others up and create new ways to expand and inspire. With her new Podcast 'Big Picture Podcast' and her event series Radiant Talk, she has become a source of inspiration for other aspiring entrepreneurs within her social network. We’re so excited to see what Rita does next!

Breeny Lee

Breeny Lee, the digital influencer known for her flawless bone structure, poppin’ melanin and distinct style, is woman of influence and not just because of her social following, but because of her impact! She uses her platform to heal women from the inside out, in between serving hair and fashion looks, she takes time to deal with matters of the heart with her YouTube videos series “Soul Surgery”. And it doesn’t stop there with Breeny, she is also the founder of Bloggers Marketplace which is an innovative retail experience that allows fashion bloggers within the UK to connect with their audience on a more personal level. This is a woman that uses her platform build the self esteem of her audience in more ways than one and we love her for it! So excited to see what she has in store for 2019!

Charlie Craggs

Charlie Craggs is the founder of Nail Transphobia which is a mobile nail bar that exists to educate its clients about what it is to be transgender. We love Charlie for her insane sense of humour, her charm, her innovation and most importantly, her transparency. She is truly a woman of influence because her activism is not just for show, she really does create new allies day by day for the Trans community while slaying nails! Within the past year, Charlie has worked on many major campaigns and even launched a new nail decal brand called NaildIt and as Nail Transphobia approaches its 5 year anniversary we look forward to seeing everything she has in store for her ever growing audience!

Christina Okorocha

We know Christina as the co-founder of Vamp UK, one of the UK’s most exciting PR and Social Media Agencies, but we love Christina for her generosity and ability to bring people together. This woman knows how to build connections and make many friends, because she never fails to use her influence to uplift others, specifically black women for which she has the biggest heart! Her knowledge of tech, beauty, PR and digital strategy sets her apart in the industry and we appreciate Christina for everything she does and represents!

Sharmadean Reid

Sharmadean built her brand as an influential entrepreneur as the founder of London’s exciting soho nail bar WAH Nails and used her platform to innovate the feature of beauty tech with her new start up, Beauty Stack. We admire Sharmadean’s creativity and impact in the industry as she works tirelessly to support beauty professionals and is an advocate of female entrepreneurship.

Emily Weiss

If you don’t know the incredible woman that is Emily Weiss then you definitely know her brand, Glossier. This founder and CEO continues to find ways to be a leader and pioneer in the cosmetics industry. Starting out at her job at Vogue, Emily successfully raised $2million worth of seed funding to launch her brand, Glossier which then went on to raise hundreds of millions of dollars within the past few years which has allowed the brand Glossier to quickly become one of the leading brands in cosmetics to date. Any woman who can raise that amount of funds to launch their brand, is truly a woman of influence and we applaud Weiss for being an example that female CEO's can and do continue to change the game.

Jamelia Donaldson

Meet Jamelia, the founder of TreasureTress which is a worldwide monthly discovery box for black women with natural hair! Jamelia isn’t just a woman of influence for being a total boss and building her brand from the ground up , but because of the way she uses her platform to bring women together to celebrate sisterhood. Her company has become a movement that inspires others and we’re excited for everything she’s working on as she continues to travel, speak, host events and produce inspiring content.


MOJO is a powerful woman of influence and if you spend 5 mins on her Instagram page, you’d agree! She is a transparent advocate of body positivity and mental health recovery as she shares her experiences through dance, humour and events. We’re huge supporters of Mojo and we’re excited for everything she does in the year ahead!

Kubi Springer

Kubi Springer, the brand specialist who travels the word teaching people how to build their brand is a woman of influence for how she uses her knowledge to impact others. With an incredible portfolio made up of the worlds largest brands and over 20 years of experience, she recently signed a book deal with Bloomsbury Publishing and will soon have her words read by entrepreneurs worldwide!

Kimberley Allain

Kimberly is the Director of Creative at Talker Tailor PR agency. When she isn't playing mas somewhere in the world, or writing for creativemoment.co, she is working tirelessly to make things happen for her impressive portfolio of global clients and using her position to support others and give smaller brands a platform to excel and we appreciate everything she does in PR! Kimberley is definitely one to watch as her excellence and undeniable talent continues to shine through in her work and her continuous promotions within the workplace. She is a gatekeeper for others and we cannot wait to see everything she has in store for us in 2019.

Aziza Francis

Many know Aziza as the manager of digital influencer, Nakita Johnson, but this talented woman of influence is responsible for the success of many others! Even with an impressive portfolio of brands and regular, intimate, life-changing events, what we love most about her is her approach to marketing and social media as she encourages her audience and clients to focus on gratitude. This woman knows how to create superstars and uses her own influence to also create influencers out of others. If that isn't power then we don't know what is!

Florence Adepoju

Florence, known on social media as Flow, is the brilliant founder of cosmetic brand called MDM Flow. We are always blown away by her transparency when she shares her story of how she started the brand, all the highs and lows and her plans for the future of the brand. We admire her for her scientific excellence and entrepreneurial ambition so shout out to Florence for being a true woman of influence by forging her own path and creating things she wished existed.

Cassandra Lokko

Cassandra Lokko has come into her own within the past year as a woman of true influence by holding events that impact young women of faith with regular events. When her wedding went viral, her audience grew rapidly and she decided to use her new found audience to launch a YouTube channel alongside her husband to offer advice, inspiration and motivation to their audience. The success of their YouTube channel opened many doors for Cassandra and after giving birth to her wonderful son, she stepped out and took her ambition to a whole new level; walking in purpose and encouraging her audience to do the same. We're so excited to see what she has in store for the year ahead because we love the way she is changing lives and impacting young women positively.

Mona Chalabi

Some may know Mona from her role as data analyst on the Netflix series, The Fix, and some may know her as the Data Editor in The Guardian newspaper. We find her phenomenally influential for how she shares information with the world through art and data. She does such an important job and plays such a vital role in educating the next generation and we appreciate her for this! Such a graceful, stylish and powerful woman and today we celebrate her excellence.

Hannah Olateju

Hannah is a digital influencer from the UK who has committed her career to being a voice of encouragement and motivation for her audience. She is a bright light online in the online world with her rainbow hair and positive approach to life and we're always in full support of everything she works on. She is an amputee and she shares that with pride as she leads her life with her bold personality and not with any of her assumed disadvantages. This is how we should all aspire to live our lives, particularly in the beauty industry where women are encouraged to dislike themselves! Thank you Hannah for being such a phenomenal woman of influence.

Michaela Coel

You may know her from her hit show TV Chewing Gum, Michaela is both the lead actress, writer and producer of the hilarious 2 season series but the superstar is a woman of influence for so many more reasons than those. She plays by her own rules and her art liberates women emotionally, sexually, spiritually and in every other way that women seek freedom. For this we applaud her on International Women's Day and we cant wait to see all the content she releases this year.

Monikah Lee

Monikah Lee is a presenter and talk show host who expresses herself with creative, hair, fashion and makeup looks. What we love about Monikah, and the reason we feel that she is a woman of influence, is because she holds events that open up important conversations for men and women in the UK, encouraging and inspiring attendees to create change when they leave. She does this with passion and excellence while hosting events, radio talk shows and a program she launched for young women within the last year called Ugly Tribe. She inspires girls and women to thrive in their truth through consultancy, coaching, programs and events and for that we think she is remarkable and we thank her for everything she does.

Conna Walker

Conna Walker, the successful founder of House of CB, a women's clothing brand which has over 40 retail locations, 2.5 million followers on social and pulled in $15 million in 2018 profits. (Forbes, 2019). She is inspirational and influential, not just because of her financial success, but because of the way she markets her brand flawlessly and continues to reinvent and take her brand to new heights. She is a leader in the fashion eCommerce industry and shows no sign of slowing down.

Simone Powderly

Simone Powderly is the Creative Director of haircare brand CurlsLikeUs and the co-creator of a series of personal development workshops for teen girls known as TheTeenExperience. Simone is a woman of influence as she uses her platform to open up discussion about mental health, confidence and emotional wellness for women, as well as sharing haircare advice and creating safe spaces for women to learn and grow. Simone is an important figure within her community and we appreciate her contribution to womankind.

Shanice Mears

Shanice is the co-founder and Head of Talent at advertising agency The Elephant Room and the Brand Manager of the world's first video magazine, Guap. We admire her entrepreneurial flare, her keen eye for talent, her ability to unite people and her unending generosity. She always readily available to lend a hand to other creatives who are looking for new opportunities and acts as a gatekeeper and way maker in the UK creative industry. We appreciate Shanice for the way she keeps things going within her social circle and we are excited to see all that she has in store for us this year.

Renee Davis

Renee is a journalist and the founder of Out The Box, a social enterprise created to equip young creative entrepreneurs through events and workshops. We admire Renee, not just for her work ethic and ability to execute flawless, informative and necessary events time and time again, but for the heart she has to help others. Renee is a connector of people, she bridges gaps and helps to elevate others, men and women alike. We continue to support all of Renee's endeavours and will cheer on this woman of influence every time she puts out another project that will change lives.

Vee Chanda

Vee Chanda is a social media influencer and celebrity makeup artist who never ceases to amaze us with her intense work ethic, creativity and killer style. She travels the world making women feel beautiful, teaches her own series of makeup masterclasses called The Finished Look Masterclass and never ceases to represent her home country, Zambia. We appreciate Vee for the way she executes and inspires women, particularly mothers, that anything is possible with hard work and the ability to network.

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