International Women's Day: Top 10 Beauty Industry Game Changers

International Women's Day is always an important time of the year for us here at Pink Ship Ltd as it is our opportunity to highlight women that make it possible for our agency to do what we do! As a digital marketing agency that specialises in beauty and beauty tech, it goes without saying that our work is totally dependant on the intelligent, powerful and influential boss women that make the industry what it is.

This year, as we gear up for our first event of the decade, Beauty Pro Marketing 101 in April, we want to take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on some women who are making an impact in the beauty industry for consumers and beauty pros from London to Toronto and everywhere in between.

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Let's have a look at our Top 10 Beauty Industry Game Changers

Eryca Freemantle

Eryca Freemantle is an retired global makeup artist, beauty entrepreneur and property developer from London, UK. Known mostly for her impact within the beauty industry for women of colour, she is a mentor to many and a friend to every influential person that you can think of. This well connected woman is a game changer in the beauty industry because she makes it her business to guide upcoming beauty professionals and share her keys to success with them. Her skill may be makeup, but her talent is making money and her passion is with people. The way she tells her story will give you chills and the way she commands the room will inspire you to. If influence was a person, it would be Eryca.

Omega Mighty

Omega is Toronto's very own soft glam expert also known as @dollfacedrediemua on Instagram. She is a creative in every sense of the word, and she shows just what it means to be multi-faceted and truly self assured. Mighty is a supporter of women, a makeup artist, a singer, dancer and an entrepreneur and we love her for all of that. She's a game changer because she shows us all that beauty professionals can do everything and still succeed. Everything she does is an encouragement to women, whether it's giving them confidence with her makeup talent, healing them through song or curating events to enrich women through her platform 'When Girls". Omega is one to watch!

Jo Robertson

Jo Robertson is the founder of Jo Robertson Hair Agency in the UK, which changes the way hairdressers are able to access education and creates a brand-neutral space where artists can showcase their work and offer services to salons. She is an influential woman that dedicates her career to uplifting and supporting other hairstylists. We always love a woman who is unafraid to share her knowledge with others.

Joy Adenuga

Joy Adenuga is a top tier bridal makeup artist who is changing the game with her masterclasses. Many makeup artists host masterclasses, but none are quite like Joy's! Her portfolio will knock your socks off as she's worked with brands and celebrities that other makeup artists could only dream of. 2020 is going to be a major year for Joy as she revamps her brand launches out into new territories and we just can't wait to see what she has in store. The information she shares and the level of excellence that she executes at is nothing short of inspiring and we love her for it!


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Anita Grant

This BOSS is the founder and CEO of the Toronto based beauty tech start-up, Fleeky Beauty. A platform built and designed to make it easier for beauty seekers in North America to find beauty professionals in their local area without having to sift through Instagram. The platform also helps beauty professionals to build their business by offering them another valuable place to be found and booked. Grant does her part to ensure that she serves the community that she has spend years building. A courageous woman and a true game changer!

Lacey Hunter Felton

Lacey Hunter is a limitless woman! She really is a game changer in the beauty industry as the co-founder of Hunter Collective which is a flexible co-working salon, event & studio space in London designed for freelancers in the beauty & fashion industry. Yes, you heard that correctly. She created a space for freelance beauty pros to build their businesses and have access to facilities without having to rent space at a salon or turn their homes into beauty parlours. Dear Lacey, we'll take one in every city please!

Roqcuel Strong

Rocquel Strong is the inspiring, dynamic, influential founder of The Hairstylist Mastermind which is a business coaching service for hair stylists. She share's our passion for helping beauty professionals to win and she does it with so much creativity and flair. This hairstylist, salon owner and mother is the backbone for many women in her community and radiates a beautiful, healing energy that just can't be overlooked. We will continue to support this extremely powerful woman!

Estella Ossei, Sharon Powell and Tolu Osuala

These three women are the amazing founders of Hair Advisor UK which is an online platform created to enable black women to read and submit review on black hair services. They are game changers for creating this new avenue for hair stylists to be discovered by potential clients. These women are a dream team smashing milestones and paving the way for other start-ups with their excellence and courage. We want to congratulate them on an amazing launch and we can't wait to see what do in 2020 and beyond.

Sashagai "Sasha" Ruddock

Also known as ‘Toronto’s Fluffy’ on YouTube, Ruddock is a powerful, stunning game changing boss of many brands. Changing the beauty game in Toronto as the co-founder of Nu Ave Nails which is Toronto’s FIRST Touring Pop-Up Nail Salon featuring all black nail technicians. Can you say, BOSS! We're obsessed with the way she does all this with so much style and such a bright personality. She's definitely one to watch and one to learn from.

Mimi Missfit

The happiest, sweetest soul on the internet is none other than the wonderful Mimi Missfit! We all know her as a talented content creator and influencer, but her recent brand launch has made her a true game changer in the beauty industry. Mimi is the co-founder and creator of Lash Batch which services that delivers a fresh batch of lashes to their subscribers every month. Genius right? Makeup lovers and makeup artists lives will be changed forever. We're so proud of the incredible, influential woman that is Mimi Missfit! Go girl!

Now, as always, we like to end by saying, these top 10 women are some game changers that we have chosen to highlight, but, it was incredibly hard to create this shortlist with so many incredible women doing amazing things right now. Let female empowerment and unity, be something that we practice every day as a way of life and not just on the 8th of March!

We hope to see you at Beauty Pro Marketing 101 on April 27th and until then, enjoy the rest of Women's Month!

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