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How Instagram Takeovers Can Level-Up Your Marketing Strategy

One of the most popular social media marketing tactics is to host Instagram Story Takeovers. You've probably watched several yourself while viewing the Stories of the organisations and brands you follow. In this blog, we'll go over some of the advantages of running an Instagram Takeover from a marketing perspective, and give you some examples and food for thought if you are interested in doing one!

What are the benefits of Instagram Takeovers?

Good Takeovers help to build brand awareness, are an effective customer acquisition strategy, and are excellent for cross-promoting content. Both your brand's followers, and your Takeover host's followers, are able to see and engage with your brand for a short period of time and therefore generate more interest in your products and services.

An Instagram Takeover is regarded as an event, which is what makes the genuine interest and excitement surrounding it an advantage. If your Takeover host is excited about partnering with you to promote something, your brand can gain instant credibility with their following and a sense of urgency about your product. You strengthen your brand reputation with both your own audience, and the host's audience.

Who should host your Takeover, and what should it be about?

Depending on the type of business you run, your Takeover host will vary. A beauty or skincare brand might collaborate with an influencer, for example, who could demonstrate their beauty routine using the brand's products and hold a Q&A for followers. Or, an athleisurewear brand might partner with a style influencer who can record a lookbook featuring clothing pieces by the brand whilst holding a poll for the audience to choose their favourite look. Brands could even work with an influencer to Takeover their story and cover an event that they are hosting.

Takeovers can also be hosted by other notable people who use your services. For example, we recently facilitated a series of Instagram Takeovers for our client Mentor Black Business, hosted by a few amazing entrepreneurs that receive business mentorship through them; Nina Elegba, Naima Camara, Kanndiss Riley and our own founder Patrice Stephens-Sobers.

The idea was to promote MBB's mentorship services by inviting the entrepreneurs to share their daily life as small business founders, discuss their journeys, answer questions and talk about the mentorship they receive. The collaboration was a lot of fun and both MBB and the Takeover hosts saw results with an increase in followers, engagement and sales.

You can watch the Takeovers over on Mentor Black Business's Instagram highlights!

How can I get started?

Takeovers are a tried and true way for brands to get eyes on their products and campaigns. Get in touch with us for more information and to talk about your next Instagram Takeover! We can negotiate and coordinate influencer collaborations for you, as well as handle the marketing and running of the event.

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