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10 Memes Only Small Business Owners Can Relate To

The fact is, sometimes as entrepreneurs we have to pause and lighten up. We can take things so seriously sometimes and when that happens, a lot of the fun of running your own business is lost! Whatever is stressing you out at the moment, take a breather for some laughs with these 10 funny memes and TikToks that small biz owners will find all too real.

Laughter inspires productivity and lifts your mood. Having a good sense of humour makes you a better leader, and helps increase emotional intelligence. Share this post with your entrepreneur friends, your team, or even your number 1 supporter; your mum. Enjoy!

1. Big plans later, guys!

2. Momma's word is final.

3. [Cries in entrepreneur]

4. "We put love into every order..."

5. Say less!

6. It's not all stress though. 🥰

7. SMH.

8. Guess I'm not sleeping tonight...

9. Yaaasss, bestie!

10. When you've got to bring in Pink Ship...

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