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Omega Mighty x Cloré Beauty
Product Launch


Clore Beauty x Omega Mighty






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Toronto singer, Omega Mighty released her new single 'Whine Masta', as a member of the #CloreCommunity (The influencer community that we manage for our client Clore Beauty) we (Pink Ship) thought it would be a great idea to run a collaboration campaign to support Omega and promote the song. 

The campaign included the following aspects: 

- Viral Dance Challenge Concept

- Email Marketing 

- Event Coordination IRL Meet & Greet Event 

Campaign Goal


The goal was cross promotion and community building or both Cloré Beauty and Omega Mighty.

The campaign message to consumers was...

'Pre-save the new song 'Whine Masta' and earn a Cloré discount code'

whine masta omega mighty clore beauty
Cross Promotion

We promoted the collaboration promotion across all of Cloré Beauty's social media platforms.

We also published a blog post on Cloré Beauty's website & included the offer in Cloré Beauty's weekly email marketing mail out with over 15k subscribers.

Omega Mighty also promoted the collaboration offer on her platforms. 

Copy of Minimalist olive Brand Instagram post (1).png

Meet & Greet

We planned a Meet & Greet event to celebrate the release of the song and heavily promoted it across all social media platforms along with the email marketing mail out. 

For this event, we also added the marketing assets added to the Cloré Beauty website, the Facebook header and every POS.

The Event

The event was hosted at Cloré Beauty's community event space, The Beauty Hub, which is located in one of their major stores in Toronto. 

The event had a live DJ, branded cupcakes and the Whine Masta music video playing on the screens throughout the store on the day.

Click to watch event TikTok recap.
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